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Tomb Raider Collection: Part 1

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

This week I started a fun little project, to be honest I did spend a while cleaning and photographing parts of my collection, it was strangely therapeutic and also gave me a flood of feelings of nostalgia! So this is the first part of many, showcasing my Tomb Raider franchise collectables which I've mostly built up over the past 10+ years, I did have a few posters and figurines back as a child but was able to add more as an adult, *cheers* for independent spending! I don't have the biggest collection by any means, I've seen entire treasure trove like rooms dedicated to Lara from some collectors with life size statues (ALWAYS wanted a life size Lara but unfortunately they cost a bomb, prices are approx £1200 minimum)... Maybe one day! Here I've chosen a variety of special event/press items as well as figurines for the first part, in future posts I'll show more figurines plus some interesting prop and costume pieces as well as books and other collectables. One of my most prized pieces is the Tomb Raider 2018 movie promotional puzzle replica as featured in the movie, I think these are quite rare as it was a press kit I was lucky enough to be sent, as I did some promotional work for the movie and attended the premiere. YES it was a literal dream, still can't believe I was privileged enough to attend and walk the red carpet: also at this time I picked up the movie promo diary & USB + key chain puzzle, I should probably try to solve that sometime!

Tomb Raider Movie promotional backpack - Jade Sura

Next up the Shadow of the Tomb Raider badges, survival kit & bag which all came as a press package for the launch of the game. I did some work with Square Enix for the release playing the game as Lara on the Square Enix channels, was a lot of fun but I was literally dripping with sweat in my costume fully geared up whilst streaming haha! The military bag is one of my favourite pieces ever, it's a super sturdy and practical tactical back pack with lots of compartments which is why I've travelled across the world with it for trips. Another cool item is the Larazade box with a bottle inside, thought this was a really great marketing idea, going back to retro brand collaborations with the original Larazade back in 1998.


To the figurines, I do have more to take photos of so expect to see them in future parts. The French made resin figurines were part of a magazine subscription service 'Tomb Raider Official Fact Files', with a new Lara model each edition. They are extremely fragile and break VERY easily, I've actually accidentally decapitated one and knocked a few over and they just smash into pieces! My mum got hold of a massive job lot of these figurines in varying conditions, some perfectly mint and others with glued arms, legs etc. I have 8 broken models and didn't include photos here but will share if I have any luck gluing them back together. Because of how fragile these are some rarer versions in special outfits are quite pricey and difficult to get hold of... The boxed figurines all by Playmates have never been opened, trust me I'm tempted especially considering the boxes of some of them are a bit worse for wear, I think once I get a nice shelf I'll take them out of their boxes to display them. I have more from the Playmates figurine ranges with some of my favourite variant outfits of Lara, will show you in part 2!

Whether you're a collector, fan or just a passer by... I hope you enjoyed viewing and hearing the stories behind the items. Appreciate you out there reading this and if you made it this far, please feel free to share & if you have any questions or thoughts let me know in the comments below (you'll have to login in order to comment, just for spam protection purposes!). You can also tweet me @jade_sura See you in the next, Jade.