• Jade

A Surprise From Rockstar!

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

I was incredibly excited to receive this epic Red Dead Redemption II box of goodies from Rockstar Games this week! I have always been a massive fan of anything Rockstar, they are so iconic in the gaming industry and I've been a huge fan over the years of Red Dead Redemption as well as Grand Theft Auto. Back in 2015 when I first started streaming I was lucky enough to be a guest in a few streams on the Rockstar Games channel, great memories!

After watching the gameplay trailer I'm even more excited for RDR2, it's stunning visuals and story line have definitely got be hooked for more. There's an incredible amount of diversity in how you can approach the game, as an outlaw you can choose to cause trouble or be a respectable member of society and the world around you will react accordingly. I think I know how I'll be playing, as the villain of course!

Another feature of RDR2 that I'm looking forward to is horses, they will behave differently depending on their breed, so some will be more suited for certain terrains, you can even build a bond with your horse by feeding them and grooming them. Woohoo I can finally live out all my cowboy dreams, I idolise Clint Eastwood by the way and love Spaghetti Westerns! I've been eagerly awaiting Red Dead Redemption II and trust me when I stream it I'll be themed appropriately... I'm planning on rocking a pinch front cowboy hat and maybe even a diamond style hat (which was John Wayne's favourite hat) better get ready for October 26th...