• Jade

Funko Pop Figure Drop!

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

You may have heard me talk about them a lot on stream, but I've been collecting Pop! figures for some time now, I also have a few Pop! mugs & other cute collectables from Funko

I'm mainly into the superhero & gaming collections, but there are some movie figures I have my eye on too. I think the main bulk of my own collection is Marvel themed as I'm a huge Marvel fan! I was lucky enough to be sent this super exciting selection of Pops including some from the new Avenger's Infinity War range - Iron Spider plus Thanos & Hulkbuster mini key chains too! I was also sent Howard The Duck from the range with Marvel Contest of Champions (the mobile game I literally play everyday!) PLUS the new reboot Tomb Raider Lara Croft Pop! ahh she is amazing & so detailed one of my current favourites...

I've seen people sharing epic photos of Pops on Twitter & decided to try to take a few myself, I love how the Iron Spider photo turned out, considering I didn't have the greatest background to work with. And I was trying to take a photo of Lara, so I put her up on the balcony when a gust of wind came along & well she ended up plunging into my new neighbours garden! I actually said out loud 'OOPS' and then had to face the very embarrassing moment of knocking on the neighbours door to ask for her back... Luckily they were super nice & I got her back in one piece. I guess she really is a survivor haha!

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