• Jade

EA Play 2018, LA

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

I was super excited to attend EA Play this year, especially after the reveal and announcement of Battlefield V back in May! I've had tonnes of fun playing Battlefield 1 but I'm so ready for BFV and the 19th of October can't come soon enough! So I was glad I got to play it again at EA Play plus getting to hang out with all the other EA Game Changers at The Game Changers University & Game Changers Awards.

As well as watching all the new trailers & reveals, Anthem looks pretty epic I have to say and I'm looking forward to seeing more gameplay. I also got my hands on BFV and got a feel of the new and updated Operations mode, 'Grand Operations'. With Operations on BF1 being my absolute favourite mode, Grand Operations was definitely a good progression of that and I thoroughly enjoyed the new gameplay and playing out the different days which really helped diversify the mode.

Aside from EA Play there were also some great outings with the EA crew, The Magic Castle was an incredible once in a life time experience and when I say once in a life time, it's highly unlikely I will ever get to visit again as you need to be invited by a magician to enter the castle! It was a unique and eccentric space with different magicians in each room, some of the tricks were mind blowing and it's probably one of my favourite memories of my time in LA this year! There was a strict no photo policy but EA got permission for a photographer to take some photos of us there, so I'm really lucky to have those to look back on!

I also went Go-Karting for the first time since I was a child, check the video of me driving like a maniac! The first few laps I was terrified, as I drive horribly in game as you guys know and I don't drive in real life either so I was a little nervous. Once I got more confident I started speeding around the circuit and a woman in front of me crashed and I ended up bashing straight into the kart It was just an accident, I stand by my word...

It was an amazing show & experience this year, a huge thank you to EA for taking me along to EA Play, it was a blast!