• Jade

That Secret Trip! DICE Sweden, EA Game Changers

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

So back in June I went on a 'secret' trip, you know one of those special agent type trips. I've actually been going on those a lot this year... Maybe I should have changed my channel name to Jade Bond after all!

If you didn't know, I'm part of the EA Game Changers program for Battlefield which is a huge honour as many of my most fun times gaming over the years have been on the Battlefield franchise. On a side note I first got into Battlefield after watching hilarious Battlefield 3 role play videos by StoneMountain64 and many years later, I was lucky enough to play with him during EA Play for the Battlefield 1 Squads event. You can find out more about the Game Changers program & how it works here -

I can now share I was in Sweden at the DICE headquarters play testing & giving feedback on Battlefield V. It was a fantastic experience and my 2nd time at DICE now, obviously I can't disclose exactly what I played and the in's and out's of the sessions. But check out this DICE studio tour by VicenteProD who creates incredible cinematic videos of some of my favourite games - Battlefield, Assassin's Creed & The Division. You can even see a little clip of me & the others playing a crazy game of run around table tennis (I didn't know that existed either haha).

Looking forward to more exciting BF related news at Gamescom this year, which I'll be attending and I can't wait...