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Blog is back, updates during impending doom...

Updated: Mar 24

I suppose I'll start with an introduction. Hi I'm Jade, also known as Jade Sura in the gaming world. I actually don't know what to categorise myself as anymore, a live streamer? Although not currently streaming. Content creator? I'm not sure I'm doing that either right now. So I'll introduce myself as gaming enthusiast, collector of cool things, martial artist, villain (I have a flair for the dramatic) & sometimes streamer. Maybe I'll dive deeper into the streaming stuff in future posts, as I'd like to share some of my experiences in the industry for anyone interested in the possible failures and successes in this career. And if you're looking for a little light read and (hopefully) appealing photos of gaming related items, equipment & anything else that tickles my fancy then you'll find it here on my blog, where I aim to post weekly.

I'd mainly like to make this blog a catalogue of some of my collectables, I get great pleasure when I add a new sought after item to my collection. Particularly my Tomb Raider pieces I've accumulated over the years as I'm often asked about them, my figurines, books, costumes, props, promotional items and event exclusives.

I do love Lara I always have since I was a child, I was mesmerised by her style & kick-ass attitude and she's undoubtedly helped shape me into the person I am today! I may not have the biggest collection compared to others out there especially with dedicated TR sites, but certainly have some unique and interesting pieces due to taking part in events and streams during my role as an official Lara Croft ambassador. I'll probably share photos here too as I'm working on some 'classic' Tomb Raider related stuff over the coming months.

Other things I've collected over the years and will probably showcase here, Spider-Man/Venom items: I'm a huge fan, Funko Pops: but almost exclusively Marvel or Spidey themed Pops. Plus collectors editions & press kits of games. I also love anything by Rockstar Games, I find the Grand Theft Auto + Red Dead Redemption series merchandise some of the most creative merch out there, I mean I even have a barrel shaped tar candle and huge woolen blanket from RDR2, which I treasure! Finally talking of doom, I titled this post with all the madness consuming us at the moment, although in all honesty this blog is meant to be a relaxing outlet for me to get into writing and share all things I enjoy. Totally dissociated with real life topics, opinions and what's happening around the world. Saying that, I'm excited for a different type of doom, DOOM is one of my favourite games and DOOM Eternal launches this Friday 20th March. Great we'll have a much needed campaign to get stuck into to pass some hours during quarantine, plus I just managed to get my hands on a nice piece of DOOM branded merch, try on pics inbound!

Appreciate you out there reading this and if you made it this far, please feel free to share, comment & get involved. You can also tweet me @jade_sura See you in the next, Jade.

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